Are yogurt, rosemary honey, garlic, lemon and lime good hemorrhoid cures?

There are many natural remedies and ways available to help in treating hemorrhoids (a.k.a. piles), aid in relieving associated signs and symptoms of piles and better yet, help in preventing it from happening in the first place. Many of these remedies are actually available right in our own home or in our backyard. As a reminder, it is always best to consult with a doctor or a specialist before trying out a remedy. If known allergies to any of the following food or food products, it is best to avoid them.

Yogurt. Yogurt, a food that contains a lot of probiotics or “good or friendly” bacteria which are actually good for digestion. It is best to choose yogurt containing live bacteria such as lactobacillus or bifidus strain. To aid with constipation, add a teaspoon of mineral oil on the yogurt before consumption thus decreasing the occurrence of hemorrhoids or entirely preventing it to form. One can also choose to consume it as it is.

Rosemary Honey. Essence of rosemary honey together with other herbs such as lavender, horsetail and cypress can be added to the sitz bath. Aside from the soothing effect the aroma provides, it can also help in decreasing the swelling of the hemorrhoids with the presence of Rosmarinic acid found on the rosemary. This can also be applied directly for itching and/or burning sensation of the anus by soaking a cotton ball on the rosemary honey mixture.

Garlic. Minced garlic together with honey or witch hazel pads can provide soothing relief for pain by putting it directly or applying it on the surrounding area on the thrombosed hemorrhoid. Just make sure to wash your hands before doing so. The anti-inflammatory effects of the garlic can also help in shrinking the swell of the lump.

Lemon and Lime. Lemon and lime are both fruits from the citrus family mostly resembling the same nutrients and components. These two fruits can also be used in relieving symptoms of hemorrhoids. Mixing lemon or lime with mint leaves, honey and cold or warm water and taking it orally can increase hydration thus aiding in digestion, preventing constipation and greatly affecting proper bowel movement and elimination.

Aside from the mentioned remedies, medical professionals also advised to increase fiber in the diet by consuming fruits and vegetables, whole grain bread or cereals, brown rice, bran and wheat, drinking up to 8 glasses of water a day and exercising. This will result to softer stool and its easier elimination. One who is already suffering from piles must also prevent the use of constricting garments, too spicy foods (as this can worsen inflammation or can irritate the lining of the rectum or anus) and foods that contain little to no fiber such as processed food, fatty food and meat. To avoid infection to the bleeding hemorrhoid, always wash hands before and after applying any remedy on the affected area.

All in all, prevention will always be better than cure. With the proper diet, exercise and lifestyle modification, condition such as hemorrhoids can be prevented. Although the cause is entirely unknown, one key in hemorrhoid management is the knowledge of how to prevent entirely.